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New research

04/2024 sebaceous adenitis, skin condition affecting Samoyeds.


02/2024 Hypo/Thyroidism? Should breeders be routinely checking this also...


01/2024 Chocolate and dogs, the toxicity of theobromine poisoning:-


12/2023 Noise Trouble this Christmas time and New Years? A long blog read,but worth it and to share:-


11/2023 Longer life spans for larger breed dogs? Science is good but i think we have to question ourselves "Should we really do it?"


10/2023 Firework medication, something to avoid or at least raise the discussion with your Vet(erinarian).


Check out the latest publish study overview here about neutering. Bringing about the question more for other options than sterilisation as the golden standard.

This has always been our view and I'm happy to see that the results are now being published.


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