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Pink Boy (2)

Lejf loving life. Growing and developing into a true Samoyed! Week 22

A gentle boy, born at 07:02. Immediately knew he had to suckle and helped show Green Girl how to do it, this let Winter know what to do also. A clever boy perhaps!

I'm the vocal boy, if I don't get my fill then everyone needs to know about it. 650g growing well also, loving my little black nose too!

Week 2

At-ti-tude, aye aye matey-I'm the first boy to open an eye. Just one though! The boss keeps trying to put me on my back, but I tell him good, RAWR! Soon as I get my freedom I stomp around the pen to show I will be the boss soon.

Week 3

I'm the biggest now, 1560g heavyweight category! Boom, boom, boom, let me stomp around this room. Those pictures don't do me justice, I'm much bigger in person just look at me wag my tail at you!

Week 4

What's going on? Why you pick me up all the time? Why you do this? Where's mum gone with my milk? Who's these people coming in? Why take our pics all the time? What you filming us for....

Week 5.5

Hear me roar, once more! Ah its so good to be playing again. It was quickly over for me though, I did get to ride in the car though this week, twice! Ruff that's what I think about that.

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


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