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Red Boy (4)

A strong and confident pup also quickly born at 07:40 that Sunday morning. He is being the big eater and growing the most in these early days, still gentle though with his litter mates.

Boom! I'm the big boy here weighing in at 705g. Get outta my way, it's milking time!!

Week 2

I am Samoyed! A proud and confident boy so far, no muss no fuss from me. Life is easy, love it, why rush it.

Week 3

I've become the sensible boy, born in the middle, being the golden boy. I wanna take after my dad, I heard he was the best! I can't wait to play with him. 1450g

Week 4

Ruff ruff aroooo! I getz ze ball, I getz ze bone, i getz your tail ha haa! Now where's my next meal mum? Human? Gotta get growing more!

Week 5.5

Aye Aye Aye, my tummy, ruff it feels much better now. Why am I napping so much this week? That human keeps washing me Urgh annoying. Let me sleep!

week 6

Week 7

Week 8


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