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Week 7

Time for a little exploring into the big wide world.


Week 6 began with recovery and probiotics. Time to play in the garden finally and get some paws muddy!

The girls showing curiosity

The boys showing poise..


Week 5 what a rollercoaster and not a fun one. Due to the changeover of food the pups picked up an infection which we are waiting for the results. All signs and symptoms pointed to parvo, but that was negative at the vets. Then giardia:- negative, we were completely stumped. Some getting better some worse constantly up and down. By the end of week 5 we were fading ourselves just trying to keep up with feedings, rehydrations, Brinta, lactol, chlorella + glucose water. Beginning week 6 Synulox antibiotics and an earlier bout of dewormer for some pups had started, by Tuesday morning all pups had bounced back full recovery and back to biting our feet, pouncing on each other and most importantly ravenous for mum's milk again! Now back to a regular sleeping pattern for us humans.

Who are those new people daddies? They look lovely and kind, when do we get to play and bite them!? Will they give us treats and toys like you do? What about our nap times? Can they sing with us like you do... 😈 awoo!


Week 4 was when we got extra food of cottage cheese, as well as mum's milk too. Lucky pups still getting mum's milk throughout the whole of week 4, much longer than we expected.

The boys feeding away

Red, Pink, Grassy. Gnom gnom gnom.

The Girls chomping away

Yellow, Green, Aqua, Panda, Chomp Chomp.


Day 25 is the day we tasted something new, cottage cheese mmmmm yummie, let's get messy! Ah but now time for food coma's and cuddles.


Week 3 ends and we stand and salute with our flag like tails wagging away as we still get mums milk nourishing us all. All eyes are open and our ears listening away to random noises the big men play on their speakers. From Disney to fireworks our training has begun!

The girls.

A Character comparison of the girls and how they're thinking. Some lights are being switched on.

The boys.

The boys showing some chilled character vibes next to each other, very much awake and aware for you to compare.


Day 18, hearing tests in full swing with mum tryna get into singing lesson mode, but who dares to interrupt! Woof woof, go get 'em Snow!


Week 2, slowly but surely we are finding our feet and building strength in our legs and paws with all but Aqua girl punching over 1kg in weight! Some little eyes also saw the world for the first time at the end of week 2.


Our first group photo's! We'll be on that dog walk before you know it strutting our stuff. All our pigmentation is thick, full, and strong, just like we all are! We've all more than doubled our weight impressively (and happily for us) for our 1 week birthday.

A few days in 22/09/2022 and all pups are doing well, wagging tails as they suckle away. A relief that all pups are gaining weight, at each weigh in, and all showing black little noses. Yellow girl and pink boy being the noisy ones already, happy to tell the world what they're doing!

Litter A

After a full day of emotions, 4 girls and 3 boys were born between 06:25 and 10:09 on 18/09/2022. All healthy vocal puppies and mummy Winter doing an outstanding job. Daddy Snow is keeping watch from a far, his role will come in good time, but gave some awoo's and barks when he was shown a pup through the window.

A successful mating and tie between our two stars on 23rd July 2022. It took a few days for Snow to realise what he was doing but then on a romantic Friday night date in the garden, they decided to wake the neighbourhood!

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