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Yellow Girl (3)

February 2024

January 2024


Yuki Watching the world go by at Week 23.


This girl was the quickest to come into the world only waiting 16 minutes being born at 07:18. The noisiest of them all loves to let out happy cries when she finds mummy's teets, or tell everyone what she's doing.

Just like my sister I'm 655g at 1 week old. I'm quieter now, I just needed some good milk to satisfy me, thanks mum.

Week 2

A week of cuddles and snuggles. I've calmed down and take my time. The big guys are all over me. I just love to lay, like mama, on my back with my tummy ready to be licked and tickled. 1100g

Week 3

Mwaahhh I've got 3 sisters and 3 brothers all to snuggle with. How lucky am I! Anyone up for a nap it's shnuggle time? 1475g

Week 4

Ahhhhhh dis is da life. If I had a spirit animal I thinks I would be an otter floating down the stream on my back. I get fed and get me milk ah such fun day after day resting rolling and ruffing away.

Week 5.5

Nobody is more playful than me! Me bites that human, me's attack him, every morning when he tries to cleans up our perfectly messy pen after we just gots it smelling good! Must tell him too when he watches us, bow wow! Ruff! Grrr!

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


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