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Books to read

* The Doglopaedia, JM Evan’s & K White
* The Book of the Bitch, JM Evan’s & K White
* The Samoyed, The Samoyed Association (U.K. english) contact Avis Haffendem email:-
* De Grote SamGids, van de Nederlandse Samojeden Club (NL. Dutch), contact Coby Rees email:-
* The do no harm dog training and behaviour handbook by Linda Michaels.
* On talking terms with dogs:- Calming Signals, by Turid Rugaas.


Raad Van Beheer

The national governing body of the governing bodies for all dog breeds. For help with all dog owners and breeders. Important to register your new puppy with you as yours. Always good to have set up your own profile here for whatever the future brings. Health results and testing, dna profiling, potential breeding plans and setting up as a new breeder.
Here you must register your dog and its chipnumber incase they go missing, found to then be relocated with their owner, you.

NSC. Nederlands Samojeed Club
The governing body of Samoyeds in the Netherlands. Organising walks, activity days, Samoyed Clubmatch for conformation, and other interesting events throughout the year. Also giving support for new owners and breeders.

Dog Shows
Access to upcoming dog-shows, if you’re interested in showing for fun or even getting sucked in like we did, this site is essential for registering your puppy/dog’s to each show nationally and internationally.
This is the German specific link for dog-shows throughout Germany. You have to set up your own profile similar to onlinedogshows above.
Aaaaaand the U.K. link. Be mindful if showing in the U.K. you have to have applied for an ATC number (authority to compete) before entering any show. This number can take up to 6 weeks to be processed, otherwise give me a call and I can connect you with the right person.

Social Media
De Samojed Groep
Gives you direct access to support and friendly advice for owners and friends of Samoyeds. Plus potential activities such as step or group walks happened.


Samoyed Social Club
An international run group from USA to Phillipines, Netherlands to Australia and New Zealand. Originally called WorldWide Samoyeds, Robert has been an Administrator and moderator for this group since it’s conception in 2018. A friendly place online for Samoyed lovers and owners, a useful source for issues and support through tough times.

Samoyed Smiles Worldwide
One of the friendliest social media groups for Samoyed fans and owners. Also vastly international and has that very welcoming feel, ran by Helene Lindemans.


Ams Expats with Dogs

This Facebook group has grown with such veracity that it now supports as far and wide throughout the Netherlands but main focus on Amsterdam. All types of help and support from behavioural issues in your dog (and with other humans), health, nutrition, travelling with your dog, offers, hand me downs, and community support.


RPDA, Rembrandt Park Dog Association
A community based support group. A small Facebook group, but mainly operated via WhatsApp. Personally set up, organised and managed by Robert in 2018, community based for locals around Rembrandt Park and has now grown to include Erasmus park and Vondel Park. This group has helped lost dogs, abandoned dogs, found dogs reconnect with owners, given new/old locals the joy of becoming a dog owner through rescue programs from Italy and Spain via Naomi. Supported neighbours through mental health issues by organising joint/group walks. Sharing of old or accidental bought goods dog related. Initiated petitions and actions to motivate the council with issues within the park. Raised awareness regarding problems with nature in the park/s.


This is another group Robert set up in 2018, where he organised group meets and walks for Amsterdam and local area samoyed owners to join and meet other Samoyeds and their owners. Due to the pandemic this curtailed, now back up and running.


Vets 24hrs
M.C.D. Medic Centrum voor Dieren

E.D.Z. (Hugo)
24 hours emergency vets within reach of Amsterdam. 

Cooper (online service)
An online veterinary service that allows you to get 1 on 1 video consultations with licensed vets from the comfort of your home or whilst on vacation.

All veterinarians are fully licensed to practice in the Netherlands and go through a rigorous background check and onboarding process. All of the vets have several years of in-clinic companion-animal work experience.

Go to and use promo code RPDA to get a free first consultation.


These flight operators are best for travelling internationally with your pet. They have their restrictions and rules but in general give valuable support.



This is the only ferry company we would recommend. Pets can travel within your cabin with you, the outdoor space on the King Seaways is larger than on the Princess Seaways, but the Princess has a better buffet menu and shopping discounts and such from our experience. All things can change but DFDS is a great full service from booking to docking, with very good customer service also.

Pet sitting services



These are websites when looking for dog walkers/sitters. Always do due diligence with anyone looking after your dog. First join on a dog walk with them, trial an afternoon, trial a full day, build up a rapport with them, have a back-up sitter, they also like to have a holiday once in a while. You’re best to find a trusted source from someone in your local park. With DOA you have to book well in advance, like months. So be mindful. On pawshake I have found from listening to peoples experiences that it isn’t of the most reliable service and sitters just want an easy dog to make easy money. Otherwise they can easily cancel as short as 30 minutes after receiving the dog, let alone 24 hours notice.

Dog on/off leash allowed areas in Amsterdam :
This map shows you where throughout amsterdam it is allowed to have your dog off leash:- all year round. Restricted from April to November, and not permitted. Always good to know this and be fully informed. When walking through a restricted area your dog must be on 1.5m leash/lead and you are walking on the path/pavement. This rule also applies when walking on/by the street within the city

The Beach
Dogs on Beaches

Just like within the parks there can be restricted months where dogs are not allowed on certain beaches. Ijmuiden south is all year round location Parnassius bar or park behind the dunes and extend your walks working up your own calf muscles!
52°27'15.5"N 4°34'28.0"E

Fenced Areas
This wooded area offers a great walking time especially in August for the heather in bloom close by to Utrecht just a short ride from Amsterdam.

Uitlaatplaats Het Harde


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