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Hi there we are Peter and Robert and we live with our dogs in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Robert grew up in North Yorkshire, England in the North Yorkshire Moors surrounded by all types of animals and farm life, but at home we had dogs, cats and a horse, from Border Collies, German Shepherd, Scottish Highland Terriers and some rescue dogs along the way. 

Peter was born and raised in Spakenburg, here in The Netherlands. As a child he grew up with ‘Boomer’ a Keeshond, and then later on a rescue dog ‘Blackie’ with a Jack Russel ‘Nicki’, before going to serve for the military in the army for 14 years.

Throughout our lives it became a strong realisation that enjoying the companionship of a dog was essential to physical, social and mental health. We then asked the question “but which breed”? We felt it was important for us to go with a working type with great temperament, drive and personality.

On a romantic trip for Valentine’s Day we did a secret surprise vacation where we found out the destination when we arrived at the airport. Warsaw, Poland! We loved the city and did lots of walking, as we walked down one avenue on a sunny 26°c day we came across a young lady struggling with a stubborn white fluffy pup sitting and refusing to even walk.


Chuckling to ourselves as we walked on by, then 1-2 minutes later she jogged passed us with the pup in full gear “let’s go” mode, and then a few more minutes went by and it was Groundhog Day again the pup sitting refusing to move. This happened several times and then we stopped by her and had a conversation.


There, we fell in love with that attitude and character described to us, to which I personally connected with. That pup was a 5 month old SAMOYED, filled with Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent! 

After that trip, we got back and did further research into the breed and had that eureka moment this was the breed for us in what we were both looking for.


We looked online for Dutch breeders and connected with Stana, she was expecting a litter shortly, although it felt rushed we further enquired but alas it was a smaller litter than expected, so we had to wait. After building up this connection, 1.5-2 years later Stana got back in touch and then we met several times as prospective candidates.

There Stana and Martien introduced us to her pack which included the grandfather, Samko, and grandmother, Pukic, and mother to be Yuki. This family vibe of her pack gave us a good feeling.

We viewed the puppies when they were 4, 6 and 7.5 weeks old, I still couldn’t believe it was actually happening at week 8 and 3 days old when we picked up Snow, I couldn’t even remember the names that were swirling in my head for him it didn’t feel like it was really happening. Driving home felt surreal but we just knew we were going to give him the best forever home always.

We had discussed about attending the shows for conformation which in the beginning all seemed a bit of fun and a new thing to do. There began the “battle of the brothers” as I named it as all three boys went to a show together, yes ‘Game of Thrones’ was at its height on television with some of Snow’s litter mates also called Ghost and Ayla.


One show led to another and it hooked me/us and eventually Snow achieved his Netherlands Junior Champion title.

In 2017 we bought our first male Samoyed, our boy Snow/Snowie/Snowbie and all the other pet names along the line. And it’s true, everything in life now revolves around Samoyed’s. The joy and love they bring into everyones life is wholesome and fulfilling.

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