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Snow (Exclusive Rights Dutch Miracle), a charming boy labelled the golden pup of the litter, I’m not sure on this as he was the dirtiest pup and youth dog as you will see in his gallery.


Although his demeanor made up for the messy pup he was/being cool, calm, and collected, Snow was and still is the master of independence, self-assured and confident, and knows how to read reactive dogs and work with them to calm the situation. Loving, friendly and always up for a scratchie or sniff to see what tastiness is hiding in your pockets.


Judgement reviews:
“Masculin male, strong head, very nice expression, well set of ears, exc. body proportions, strong topline, exc. tailset, good shape of ribcage, good coat quality and colour,very sound movement, full of temperament, well presented, excellent,”

Kriisk, Kalvo (EE) BOBJ, BOS

''Strong masculine male, good proportions, very masculine head, well set ears, well separated eye, winter nose, balanced and angulated. Strong body, good bone, excellent coat quality, good tail, a bit too heavy in movement, very close behind a bit weak pasterns, nice temperament, noisy in ring.''

M. Mäkinen, Finland


''Typical head, nice expression and pigmentation, very strong neck and body, in good balance and proportion. Good angulation, nice temperament.''

Zorica Blomqvist Sweden BOB, BOG selected.

“Breed typical male of 4 years. Good body proportion. Good muzzle/skull ratio. Correct expression. Complete scissor bite. Change nose. Dark almond shaped eyes. Well placed and carried thick ears with some biscuit. Well angulated in fore and hindquarters. Smooth movement, for a bit of toeing. Could have a little more thrust in the hindquarters. Excellent coat structure and tail carriage. Excellent because of the type.”

Hannie Vink, NL

''16 months, nice type. abundant in coat, well shaped head. shows excellent breed-typical expression. correct teeth, good ear, can carry well (with attention) nice neck and back. sufficiently angulated in front, slightly better behind. stands well in front. a little too loose in the wrist. goes with nice stride, proportionate. gorgeous coat.''

Nadia Timmerman-Kadenko, NL BOBJ, BOB.

Health Testing: click here
ECVO: free
Gonio: clear
HD: A Norberg 35
ED: 0:0 free
XL-PRA: awaiting results
Samoyed Hereditary Glomerula: Awaiting results 
FEH: clear N/N

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