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Winter (Brilliant Blossom of Severnaya-Sam), was imported from Hungary at 17 weeks old. Born on 04/02/2020


Winter has a beautiful female expression and character, demanding for attention and scratchies. Winter can be a rocket when putting her to work she zooms and charges with great desire. When she see’s a pond or lake or any water transforms into her alter ego of being a duck, she loves to swim and also cause’s me minor heart attacks. When it’s bedtime Winter always goes to her toy-box and cutely picks out her favourite teddy or toy to take to bed with her. Winter has the typical Samoyed smile, but what makes her extra special are her eyes which truly add to her expression and femininity. Due to the covid pandemic extra attention was given to socialising her as at first she was scared of airplanes flying above. Now she loves going up to strangers and begging for attention more than anything.


Judgement reviews:
“Bitch of excellent type.  Forehand is pushed forward.  Could have a little more leg length.  Breed typical head.  scissor bite.  Dark almond shaped eyes.  Small correct ears with biscuit.  Would have liked a little more neck length.  Well angulated in the forequarters.  Sufficiently angulated in the hindquarters.  Smooth efficient gait. Excellent.”

Hannie Vink, NL

“Correct type and size Lovely feminine head, Good expression, Good pigmentation, A bit short in neck, Good topline and tailset
Chest good developed for age, Nice coat, Lovely temperament, good presentation”.

Gvozdieva, Mariia, Ukraine

''Harmonious, strong bitch, feminine expression, head excellent in all details, sufficient neck length, straight back, still appropriate in format, high set tail, appropriate chest width, straight and excellent angulation, moves fluently, not always parallel, coat in good condition  , easygoing and friendly demeanor.''

Ewa Górska Posen, Poland

“Fem expr, corr earset, lovely smile, well dev chest, strong bones, corr feet, corr topline and tailset, in nice coatcondition, sound movement, corr tail”

Alessandro Zeppi, Italy

“Nice head and expression lovely ears lovey topline nice ribcage lovely legs and feet moved well”

John Muldoon, Ireland

“2 years old, good condition, proportion and size , pleasing head and pigment, nice eye and ears, good development in body, could be a little more animated.she move ok”.

Jean Lawless, Ireland

“Female of good size and type, still developing, beautiful female head with strong pigment, good teeth, normal angulation in front and behind, tail set could be slightly higher, beautiful coat and color, sufficiently smooth gaits for age, good presentation”.

Rony Doedijns, NL

Health Testing: click here

ECVO: free
Gonio: clear
HD: C (B/C) Norberg 35
ED: 0:0 free
XL-PRA: awaiting results
FEH: awaiting results
Samoyed Hereditary Glomerula: Awaiting results

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