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Storm (Tyzzero All Brilliant Bets Are On Me), the terroriser always watching and planning her move, waiting to pounce and play. “Fun”sums up this strong girl, always jumping next to you for a cuddle or thrusting a toy into your hand to play with her.

Storm is like a Tasmanian devil when it comes to food, the slightest sound she will hear from 3 rooms away, and in 2 seconds will be the, 1st by your feet. Lots of drive and character with a strong presence this little firecracker can melt anyone’s heart when out and about, Storm really pulls the puppy eyes and Bambi ears to get attention how she wants by snuggling in to anyone’s legs and pulling that very typical Sammy Smile.



"Lovely pretty head, good ears, dark eyes, good lips, teeth and pigment, good neck, front and shoulders, good topline and tail, core coat in good condition, moved and handled well. Exc."

Colette Muldoon (IE) 05/2024

19 months; excellent type & gender type; female head; well placed ear; beautiful dark eye; excellent skull/muzzle ratio; scissor bite; straight back; good tail set; good fore chest; well angulated front & rear; beautiful coat structure; goes smoothly, extends nicely and drives well behind; excellent presentation.

(Wilma Hell-Frejtens) 05/2024

16 months old, good size with correct proportions, feminine head with correct proportions, ex pigment, correct ear position, would like a little more bone, stands well on the paws, correct front hindquarters, correct knee, slightly stiff in the hindquarters, well presented.

(Salina Loredana) 03/2024

14 and very approachable front tee beautiful overall picture with power and elegant sharpness wigs head with beautiful movements first stop flat head almond dark eye small first placed over full neck length. Right back, steady loins, first class workmanship, evenly curved, full front and back, full length, short poles, oval snow feet, with good grip, behind it, new, great character

(Natalie Van Burke) 12/2023

Female of beautiful type. Real bitch head, very beautiful dark almond shaped eyes. Excellent pigment and scissor teeth and shows the smile. Correct ear set. Solid well built body. Breed typical moderate angulations with good fore chest. Good tail set and carriage. Matching bone. Good foot. Coat of good structure with shimmer. Walks correctly behind with good stride length, slightly toeing-in. To type please excellent.

(Erna Upmeijer) 10/2023


HD:- A, Norberg 37.5°

ED:- 0:0 free

ECVO:- free 09/2023

Gonio:- clear 09/2023

FEH: free N/N

XL-PRA: free N/N

Samoyed Hereditary Glomerula: free N/N

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