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Panda Girl (5) 2BISP, BISSP, JBISS Nordic Breeds, RBISS Tyzzero All Brilliant Bets are on Me (Storm) JCh AT, BE, NL, J-CIB

Looking sweet and innocent, but secretly Storm is concocting her next plot in how to extract delectables from the kitchen's rubbish bin! Week 19

The trouble causer! We had to wait over one and a half hours for this one at 09:17. She decided to come out back legs first hence the hold up. Mummy even had to do extra contractions! She also seems to be a little escape artiste, as we regularly find her colour collar missing.

Boom back at ya bro! I'm catching up at 690g. Happily wagging my tail away when it's milking time. I like to sleep across mama's paws afterwards. A good shnuggle!

Week 2

My eyes, MY EYES! Hallo World. Ah the joy on my papa's faces how lovely to see. Now I find these funny squeaky things in our bedroom... what are they for?

Week 3

Yeah, I can see, I can hear, I can sit, I can walk. I is kind, I is smart, I is important. 1525g I be the biggest girl, I just love mummy's milk.

Week 4

Zoom zoom! Gotta escape these walls! Let me out let me out! Ah haaa catch me if you can... ha ha missed me. Ach Damn it, busted again. Must prepare for my next attack, brother I getz ya! Boo!!

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


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