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Such hard work for the fluffs getting groomed, Snow is sneaking a quick nap (escape) and Winter giving her sympathies for a little cuddling and spooning time! Are we ready for Wels Austria? Let's go!


Pack day! Can we go yet? 3 Samoyeds. 2 hairy Viszla's, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback and 1 Curacaoan rescue who surprisingly is the fastest!


Fryslan Cup international dog show in Leeuwarden Storm did it, and with more ease than papa Snow. Judge Jonny Andersson from Sweden, who shortlisted Storm 'Best 6 Juniors in Show' a few months back, selected her Best Junior in Breed which gave Storm her final point for Junior Netherlands Champion

With thanks the Nik and Olya for allowing me the opportunity to show Mylo! He did super and is only getting better and better.

With thanks to Judith Vrugt for the picture.


Health tests results finally came in this evening 16/11/2023, Hoorah! And with blessings to count, Snow, Winter, Storm and Mylo are all free and clear. XL-PRA (eyes), FEH (teeth enamel), and Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy (kidneys). This on top of having free and clear eyes with the ECVO test we did on them all in October '24 as well as Gonioscopy for Storm and Mylo, we are over the moon. Now we just wait until the pups turn 18 months before having their hips and elbows x-ray'd and tested at Raad van Beheer.


Well it's been over a year now since our first litter was born and we have done our 1st year birthday walkies with the girls and separately (somehow it just worked out that way), with the boys.

Wolf (Red boy), papa Snow, Mylo (Grassie boy), Mama Winter and Leif-Ollie (Pinkie Boy), with owners Ali, myself and Yessica.

An interesting countrywalk, but was great to see our boys developing and all being sweet natured to each other even though them being pubers! Always a worry when bringing intact males together isn't it? They all missed each other and played super well under mama Winter's careful watch. Storm (Black girl) our little champ in the making had to sit this one out, because the impatient little thing came into heat 3 months earlier than I had foreseen and planned for.

Snow is beside himself here and so is now on his vacation time with his grandparents in Spakenburg, being spoilt rotten with chicken breast every night no doubt.

Our big question though is: Will Winter sync up with Storm, like Storm synced with Winter the last time around? Will our next mating be happening November/December 2023 and our next litter be already happening in January 2024!!!


Our girlies meet up walk September 2023

With thanks to one of our owners, Mona and Fred who are amazing with Nanuq (Aqua girl), hosting us in Flevoland at their camping area and doggie beach. We were grateful to have 3 of our 4 girls together again and Mylo. They all had a blast through Nanuq's enthusiasm being the water duck Samoyed she has become - taking after her mama Winter for sure - playing in and out of the water, and having zoomies on the beach.

Nanuq (Aqua girl), Mylo (Grassie boy), papa Snow, mama Winter (ever the smiler in a photograph!), our little terroriser Storm (Blackie girl), and Yuki (Yellow girl).

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