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Grassy Boy (6)

Mylo chilling and ready for his next treat! Week 23

No hold up with this pup coming into the world at 09:49 al fresco. Winter had to go outside and this boy was born in the garden in his amniotic sac. Seemingly a more gentler pup than his brothers.

Hear me roar! I'm also in the heavy weight pup category at 700g, I'm gonna catch you red bruvva watch out!

Week 2

Hey Ho, away I go, round and round and around and round. Just keep walking, just keep walking. The lightest boy, but I is the fastest. 1065g

Week 3

Grassy the Samo-Rex! Hear me roar haha I love to Awoo. Let me sit in the middle of our pen and sing away! Maybe soon I can duet with mum? 1525g

Week 4

Doo bee doo bee doooo! Life is whoopadeedoo, wa haaaa gotchya! Euy! That bone is mine, give it! Ah nap time, who's my cuddle bunny this time! Such yummie food we now get extra on top of mummies milk. That reminds me, it's dinner time! Hey! Hey...! Hey...! Mam!!

Week 5.5

I is the strongest! GrrrrAwooO where's those feets' gone, must bite those wriggly human's' toes! Ah its food time! Let me bark and make sure those men know it's food time, wait, what's this yummie mince? Beef you say! Mmmmm Me likes it. Gnosh gnosh gnosh.

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


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