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Aqua Girl (7)

Proud achievement for Nanuq and her family Mona and Fred! Super proud of your development. Week 22

Miss lucky number 7 also being born in the garden quickly at 10:09 with her amniotic sac and it opening... i fear this one already has a taste for getting muddy! A determined girl taking after her mummy we think. And there they all were after a little more than three and a half hours, a very quick birthing.

Look into my eyes, I'm gonna hypnotise you. 650g here growing with grace and dignity. You're all gonna want me!

Week 2

Hehe, I might be the smallest, but I was the first to open my eyes and see the beautiful world! Step by step though, milk by milk, gnom gnom. 920g

Week 3

I'm gaining, I'm gaining! Watch out sistah's i'm growing faster than yous now. My daddies tell me I already start to look like mum, she's so pretty. 1305g

Week 4

You know, i tells ya... that sista of mine thinks she's fast, but let me tell you, I'm faster! She might get out first everytime but those men can't catch me so easily! No sir ree! Now, 'scuse me'h, bawow zoomzies time! ZOOM ZOOM!

Week 5.5

Ooh what a tough week, ah but I was the lucky one who got to sleep and cuddle with the human on the sofa those nights when I was poorly. I don'ts like him much though when he gave me that weird tasting milk blah blah. Me so happy now I can pounce on him again and attack those wretched brothers of mine. They thinks they owns this pen! Ha haaa! It's mine once again.

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8


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