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Green Girl (1)

I gave mum the surprise of her life when I popped out 06:25 on a peaceful Sunday morning! A calm but strong pup probably taking after her daddy, Snow.

Week 1

A new week begins and I've gained some good weight, now at 655g. More than double my birth weight.

Week 2

End of week 2 and I'm exploring more of the cosy whelp pen, I can almost sit up and mummy's milk gets me stronger every day. 1055g

Week 3

It's time to sniff this joint... Daddy keeps getting his combs out on me already jeez. Can't a pup catch a break!? Well at least I get extra cuddles and attention. 1410g

Week 4

Grrrrrruff yum yum I likes the new foods those men give me, I takes me time to fully enjoy it all gnom gnom gnom. Then a good long nap afterwards!

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

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